08 December 2010


This hat was knit on a bit of a whim back in October. I wanted a simple project between some busy life stuff, and hats are generally fairly quick...but not when they are knit in fingering weight, I learned! My first time out of the gate I didn't check gauge (I'm pretty sure the lesson's sticking now, fifth time's a charm). I cast on for the 22" size and it was apparent very soon that it was going to be way too big for my head, even with all The Hair. I had to do some maths (ugh) so that I could end up with a hat to fit my head, since I couldn't go down in needle size enough to make it work. Thankfully this pattern came in a myriad of sizes and I was able to make the 18" pattern work with my gauge.

I made this hat to match my Ulmus, and I'm quite pleased. The Hair fits nicely inside (note that this delightful model here is not me, while she also has Hair it is not quite comparable in size to The Hair). I used the leftover yarn from my Ulmus, Knit Picks Palette in Garnet Heather. The pattern, Molly, is by Alana Dakos from Never Not Knitting. I have another pattern of hers in my queue I am looking forward to knitting soon.

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  1. You have such talent. TREMENDOUS talent.
    Still loving your knitted creations and photographic art!